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What is a keratin hair treatment?

A keratin hair treatment is a treatment that changes the internal structure of frizzy, curly and damaged hair. After the treatment your hair will be smoother, shinier and more manageable!

But a keratin treatment is not intended to repair extremely chemically or mechanically damaged hair.

We have other treatments and products available for this purpose.

So can you change your hair structure?

Yes, it is possible to change the structure of your hair. But you can only change the structure of the hair visible above your skin’s surface. Practical examples are a perm treatment, curling with a curling iron or straightening with a straightener.

You cannot get under your skin and change the disposition of your hair structure. Your hair will always grow out of your hair follicle with the same original structure.

To change your hair structure, you need to rearrange the connections of keratin chains. While you have different types of bonds, the two most important bonds in hair for this story are, hydrogen bonds and sulphur bonds.

In hydrogen bonding, keratin chains bind to each other indirectly through a water molecule. And although this molecule maintains the bond, it makes hydrogen bonds one of the weaker bonds.

This is because hydrogen bonds are very sensitive to heat and water.

For example, will you straighten with a straightener? Curl with a curling iron? Or waves with a curling set? Then the water molecule disappears, and you can temporarily change the hair structure.

And if your hair gets wet due to rain or high humidity, more (too many) water molecules are actually added. All the keratin chains in your hair then want to bind to these molecules. This causes your hair to contract, so to speak, resulting in frizzy hair.

In sulphur bonds, keratin chains bind directly to each other via sulphur atoms. These bridges are considerably stronger than hydrogen bonds. Weather therefore has little to no influence on them.

What does affect sulphur bonds are chemical treatments.

The most well-known of these is undoubtedly the curl perm.

Permanent liquid breaks the sulphur bridges, after which fixation (neutraliser or fixative) restores the bridges to the desired, new structure. And this structure is permanent, or permanent for the treated hair.

“New” hair coming out of your hair follicle then has your natural hair structure again.


Connecting a bit of practice with science here, we can draw the following conclusions:

Who is a keratin treatment suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for those who indicate that they:

But how long can I enjoy such a treatment?

If you treat your hair at home with the right products, you will have lasting pleasure from a keratin hair treatment. The treated hair will remain straight! 

However, just like a colour treatment, a keratin hair treatment will also cause outgrowth. This outgrowth can be touched up once or twice a year.

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