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Retain hair color longer

Many customers complain that after a few weeks their beautiful hair color fades, eg highlights that are less bright after a few weeks and become more coppery.

From now on, we can remove the above minerals and metals, but also medicine residues (also chemo residues) and unwanted color residues or home colorings with Malibu C. An important component of these products is Vitamin C, which cleans (peeling) the hair and also cares for it at the same time!

To be able to solve all these problems and to go a few steps further with lightening the hair, in a mild way, we can now use 4 unique Malibu C salon treatments for a better end result!

What is Malibu C?

There are 4 salon treatments that prepare the hair for a perfect color result!

Everyone washes their hair in the shower with tap water.
This of course sounds very logical, but tap water is often the culprit of many disappointing color results.
It is full of minerals, metals and lime.
Calcium: Leaves a white residue on the hair, and makes the hair
becomes heavier.
Magnesium: makes hair dry.
Iron: makes hair color darker and prevents color adhesion.
Buyer: this gives you “pool hair”.
Lead: causes accumulation, accumulation of color particles, the color darkens through.

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The Malibu C treatment

You will be warmly welcomed
Pre-wash hair with un-do-goo shampoo
We always receive you with a warm welcome and a coffee with liqueur to your liking.
You will be warmly welcomed
Apply gel
Apply Crystal gel and insert for 45 minutes
We analyze your situation and provide appropriate advice on what will work best.
Apply gel
Relax and enjoy
Rinse with Kerastase shampoo
Relax and enjoy your coffee with liqueur while we prepare you.
Relax and enjoy
Kerastasis treatment
Olaplex recovery treatment
We do this while enjoying a head massage
Kerastasis treatment
Go home with a smile
Ready to shine
After our treatment you are ready to shine again.
Go home with a smile

Results with Malibu C

a Malibu C treatment:

The CPR (Color Pigment Removing) treatment consists of 2 steps:
Step 1  Crystal Gel removes the minerals Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper and Lead and opens the hair so that the color pigments can be better removed with step 2

Step 2 CPR removes artificial pigment (old color treatments) from the hair.

Quotation during a free consultation in the salon.

Often we have to do CPR several times on the same day.

The total treatment takes 3 – 4 hours.

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