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Keratin treatment

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What Is Keratin and Why Do You Need It?

You can compare the Keratin chains to the stones of a wall. Keratin is the cement that keeps these stones in place. This gives the wall its strength. When the hair is chemically damaged, the cement will disappear from the hair. This means that the hair scales sometimes even break off. The hair is then limp, lifeless, dry and brittle. The hair loses its shine and is difficult to style. A Keratin treatment restores your hair and makes it healthy again.

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The benefits of a keratin treatment

Best nutrition

for your hair

Your hair will always be

full of shine

Style the hair less often

after a treatment

Shorten the drying time

of wet hair

How does the keratin treatment work?

You will be warmly welcomed
Advice conversation & assessment of hair quality
When we advising the hair, we look at which treatment is best for the customer & we advise which products for the home will work best.
You will be warmly welcomed
Anti coating treatment
Keratin pretreatment
The hair is pre-washed with a special shampoo that removes coatings from wrong styling products or home care.
Anti coating treatment
Relax and enjoy
Administer keratin
The Keratin Liquid is applied and has to work for 90 minutes! Then the hair is rinsed and straightened with a flat iron.
Relax and enjoy
Aftercare for optimal results
Wash hair with Keratin shampoo
The hair is now washed with a special keratin shampoo and a keratin mask is applied which has to work for 10 minutes.
Aftercare for optimal results
Creating your perfect look
Styling the hair
Now the hair is cut or modeled according to the wishes of the customer. A nice after photo is also made.
Creating your perfect look

Our results with keratin

Cost of a keratin treatment

The price of a keratin treatment does not include cutting.

The keratin treatment costs between € 250 and € 350 depending on the hair length and thickness.

Because more keratin is used with longer and thicker hair. The amount of keratin used therefore determines the level of the price of the treatment.

keratine producten
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