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Balayage, who wouldn't want that?

The end result of a Balayage treatment is somewhat comparable to the old trend “Ombré”. A trend that emerged about four years ago. Ombré means “shadow” in French. The classic Ombré technique has a dark outgrowth with light points, without a stripe.

A comparison of these two painting techniques is easily made. The results of a Balayage treatment are much better! With a Balayage treatment it is possible to give more color tones to the hair. Are you going for the Balayage brown or Balayage gray? Plenty of choice. The hair gets a nice color effect. Hair colors that look natural, every woman’s dream!

The Balayage treatment, who doesn't know it?

Balayage is pronounced bah-lee-aage. Good to know when making an appointment or when you are sitting comfortably in the hairdresser’s chair.

Literally, the word Balayage in French means “to sweep”. With the application of the Balayage dyeing technique, these “streaks” are clearly recognizable in the hair. The balayage treatment creates hair with a multitude of different color tones and a beautifully smooth color gradient.

Everything is possible, from pastel shades to ash gray. We are happy to tell you what suits you in a free consultation. This is without obligation, make an appointment? Bobline Hair & Beauty, your Balayage hairdresser!

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The Balayage treatment

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Balayage results

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What else do you need to know about the balayage treatment

  • Balayage provides 40 to 50% light colors mixed with a natural basic coloring of your hair
  • The balayage technique provides intuitive colors, meaning that colors will be manually brought on to your hair.
  • Hair will dry at room temperature or under the hair dryer.
  • In order to maintain the color quality in your hair it is Important that you use our products at home
  • The reason why is that color toners will hold for a certain period in case you wash your hair frequently. Applying a silver shampoo or a color conditioner will extend the color quality in your hair.
  • Our very experienced Bobline Hair & Beauty team is more than happy to provide you with the best personal advise.

Costs of balayage treatment

The price of a Balayage treatment is from € 86.95.

We always advise customers to first schedule a no-obligation consultation and only then make an appointment for a Balayage treatment.

A balayage treatment can be very extensive,

  1. Should a “cleaning” treatment be done first, or is the natural hair that has never been colored?
  2. After the Balayage, does the customer want a toner to give the hair a warm or cool tone color?
  3. Does the customer want to use the Olaplex cure to protect her hair against the drying effect that bleaching can have?

If all 3 steps have to be done, the customer will of course pay a different price than one of these steps, or all three steps are skipped

Hence our advice, first come for a no-obligation FREE consultation, if you want to know exactly where you stand!

And that is also the reason why it is very difficult to pass on a price unseen through the telephone. We say only the price is FROM € 86.95.

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