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Olaplex treatment




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The solution for damaged hair

Olaplex recovers the damaged sulfur bridges. Olaplex only contains 1 ingredient, without oils and silicones. A very important advantage of using Olaplex is a permanent recovery of your hair!

Bobline Hair & Beauty beliefs in this very unique product. For this reason and to offer our customers the highest quality level, we attended the Olaplex Master Class and Color Correction Course. This is why we now belong to an exclusive group of OIaplex Masters.

Revolutionary Olaplex treatment

Olaplex feeds your hair and recovers dry, damaged, easily breakable hair. In case you feel your hair suffers, Olaplex treats and refrains from these bad conditions. Please let Bobline Hair & Beauty treat your hair to make it beautiful and shiny again.

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The Olaplex treatment

Warm welcome
Consultation and research
We advise and investigate which Olabplex treatment is the best fit. If the customer has very chemically damaged hair from wrong color treatments, we always recommend an Olaplex repair treatment in combination with the Olaplex home care.
Warm welcome
Pre-wash with Olaplex
The hair is pre-washed with the Olaplex shampoo. Then let the recovery treatment withdraw for 5 minutes.
The next step
The second recovery treatment
After the action time of step 1, step 2 of the repair treatment is applied over it and it must act for at least 15 minutes. The longer step 2 is allowed to take effect, the better the result!
The next step
After washing with Olaplex shampoo
Fine tune
The hair is rinsed after the exposure time and rinsed with the Olaplex shampoo while enjoying a wonderful scalp massage. Then the Olaplex conditioner is applied and combed well
After washing with Olaplex shampoo
Advice and after care
Ready to shine
Styling advice is given in front of the mirror and the hair is dried for free or blow-dried for a fee.
Advice and after care

Results with Olaplex

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Olaplex treatments, try it now!

Big Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez, Camaron Diaz and Emma Stone change hairstyle as often as they change their outfits. They are the stars who want use Olaplex, since it is the only treatment allowing frequent hair transformations.

Hair outgrow, permed hair, extreme damaged hair and highlight technique, Olaplex ingrediënts are the solution. Long story short; a fabulous product for almost all hair conditions.

Have a look at the Olaplex video below.

Let us help you recover your hair.

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