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Men's shaving treatment

A quality






Traditional shaving

Traditional shaving is back with a vengeance. Many years ago it was common to have a man shave at the hairdresser or barber. After the emergence of the shaver and razor as we know it today, open-blade shaving has declined.

But classic traditional shaving is back. By shaving with an open blade and using the right shaving products, shaving cream and lotion, men get a smoother result and undergo a wonderful traditional ritual.

baard scheren eindhoven

Hoe wij te werk gaan tijdens een scheerritueel

Choose from 100 styles
Pre shave oil and massage
We massage the face with a Pre Shave oil from American Crew and then apply a warm cloth to the face
Choose from 100 styles
Relax and enjoy
Massage in shaving cream
Then the face is soaped with the shaving cream with massaging movements
Relax and enjoy
Full of confidence away
Shave with the open folding knife
The face is shaved with the open folding knife. 1x in the direction and 1x against the direction
Full of confidence away
Full of confidence away
Clean and neutralize skin
After shaving, the skin is cleaned and neutralized with alum, the skin is cooled with a fresh cloth and then the skin is lightly massaged with an after-shaving lotion.
Full of confidence away
Full of confidence away
Aftercare for long-term preservation
Then we apply talcum powder and close with a nice lotion / fragrance.
Full of confidence away

Our results with keratin

Shaving costs

Including: after a keratin treatment you will receive 2 high-quality care products – worth € 55 – for the follow-up treatment.

Keratin treatment from Keratherapy:
Medium hair € 250, –
Long hair € 275, –

Surcharge for extremely thick hair: € 35

Surcharge for extra long hair: € 35

Surcharge for black hair: € 50, –

Pricey? No absolutely not. Keratin is a very expensive product. It is important to use enough keratin for the best results. We make absolutely no concessions to the quality of our keratin treatments and therefore not to the amount of keratin used.

keratine producten
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