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What are hairweaves?

Hairweaves are hair extensions inserted into your own hair through braids. This involves adding extra hair strands to your own hair, creating more volume and/or length.

Why choose hairweaves

You have been dreaming of beautiful voluminous hair for years, but this is not possible with just your own hair. Then choose Hairweaves! By using Hairweaves you will have that beautiful voluminous hair you have been dreaming of and your self-confidence and appearance will get a real boost!


Hairweaves are also a good solution for women with long hair. With long hair, you often see thin hair ends at the bottom, which are cut away every few months. This makes the hair shorter again, while you want nice long hair. With just one Hairweave, we fill in the thin ends and give your hair more volume.


By placing two Hairweaves we lengthen your hair to your desired length.

How it works

In the video above you can see that we make thin braids on the scalp using your own hair. The Hairweaves are then sewn firmly to the braids using a special thread. Once the Hairweaves are firmly attached, they are cut into shape so that they blend naturally with your own hair.

This results in an invisible and natural look, indistinguishable from your own hair.

No chemicals, metal rings or heat are used when fixing the Hairweaves. This makes it absolutely safe and not harmful to your hair.

Depending on your natural hair growth, the braids on your scalp and the Hairweaves need to be reattached every 6 to 8 weeks.

Which product we work with

In our salon we only work with the best luxury products. The Hairweaves of Natural Haircompany fit this perfectly. Natural Haircompany is a specialist in the development of natural, non-harmful and invisible Hairweaves.

The reasons we work with Natural Haircompany Hairweaves:


How to take care of our hairweaves at home and on holiday

The hair we use for weaves and tapes is no longer nourished from the scalp and therefore needs extra care. Always use the right products for this.

We recommend a smoothing/moisturising care line.

Our care guide shows you how to care for your Hairweaves, style them, sleep with them, swimming and sunbathing.

With the right care of Hairweaves, you can enjoy them for 9 to 12 months.


We hope we have given you enough information on home care and that you have become as enthusiastic as we are.

If you have any questions, please call or e-mail us.

Care routine of the hairweaves

When you take good care of the Hairweaves at home and have them reattached every six to eight weeks at our salon, you can enjoy beautifully long, voluminous and healthy hair for at least nine months to a year. 

While fixing the Hairweaves, we will of course advise you on the right care.

Make an appointment for a free consultation

We always recommend making an appointment for a free consultation first, so that we can check whether your hair length and thickness are suitable for Hairweaves and choose the right hair colour together, which can then be ordered.

The consultation is free and non-binding.

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