5 tips on how to best maintain your beautiful keratin hair treatment at home

5 tips on how to best maintain your beautiful keratin hair treatment at home

1. Don’t wash your keratin treatment immediately when you get home.

It is important to wait at least three days after your treatment at the salon before washing your hair for the first time.

Your sulphur bonds are rearranged in the hair in a new way, so your hair is now straighter and frizz-free.

These sulphur bridges need some time to harden, which takes up to 72 hours.

After those three days, you can wash your hair more often again.

But always use the right products, as they contain the same ingredients as the keratin treatment.

If you choose not to do this, unfortunately we cannot give a long-term guarantee on the keratin hair treatment.

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2. Always wash your hair with a Nanokeratin shampoo.

Nanokeratin shampoos contain the same ingredients you just had your keratin treatment with. They ensure that you enjoy the treatment for a long time and provide gentle and effective cleansing of the hair and scalp. They refresh the hair and scalp without affecting the natural pH values. And detangle and reduce friction between hair strands for greater freedom of movement and combability.

Use: wash thoroughly two times with this shampoo. If you find the first time shampoo doesn’t foam enough, you can pre-wash with Olaplex shampoo the first time.

3. Always use a Nanokeratin hair mask after shampooing.

Nanokeratin Hair Masks imitate the hair’s natural repair process, restoring hair from the inside out. It forms a solid inner layer to seal natural nutrients into the hair fibre, providing better nourishment from the root, so the hair repairs itself from the inside out. It also forms an outer layer to insulate the hair fibre from harmful environmental sources such as humidity, salt water and UV rays. Reduces friction between hair strands for greater freedom of movement.

Use: Apply to towel-dried hair for eight minutes, then rinse well.

4. Always use this heat protector after shampooing.

Reinvent Insulator

This leave-in product for all hair types insulates the hair fibre from damaging external factors such as moisture, salt water, heat and UV radiation and restores its elasticity. The Insulator has a light straightening effect, due to heat sources such as the sun, hairdryer or straightener. Speeds up drying time and improves hair’s shine. Detangles hair and reduces friction between hair strands for greater freedom of movement.

Use: Apply to towel-dried hair, comb through well and style as desired.

5. Treat your hair once a week with a texture restorer.

It is a good idea to use a texture restorer once a week on unwashed hair the night before you wash your hair.

Olaplex ensures that new sulphur bridge bonds are created in the hair again, keeping your hair strong and resilient from within.

Many hairdressing treatments, as well as the hairdryer, straightening iron and sun damage the quality of sulphur bonds in the hair.

As a result, your hair becomes weaker and more brittle and the ends become very brittle.

Olaplex hair perfector prevents this!

Use: Apply Olaplex hair perfector into unwashed hair and leave on for several hours, or preferably overnight.

Then rinse your hair well in the shower and wash and care for it as described in this step-by-step plan.

The nano Smooth pure Home Care range extends the result of the in-salon Keratin treatment, as they contain the same ingredients as the Keratin hair treatment.

With the Olaplex hair perfector, you are guaranteed to keep strong and beautiful hair!

We therefore only guarantee the treatment if you also use these associated products at home!


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