Mailbu C

At Bobline Hair & Beauty we have a very innovative productline called Malibu C. Because Malibu C contains 100% veganistic products, offering color perfection is guaranteed!

What is Malibu C?

Perfect color results through 4 treatments in our hair studio. Everyone washes his or her hair with regular tap water. The fact is, tap water can have a negative impact on hair color result.  Tap water contains; Calcium, Iron, Copper, Led, Potasium. Often resulting in decreasing the quality of hair colors.

Through a Malibu C treatment, containing Vitamin C, we are able t orestore hair colors. Vitamin C is an excellent component to clean and nurture hair.

Mailbu C Crystal Gel

It is a PRIMER used as a pre-conditioner for the best color results. Malibu C Crystal Gel cleans your hair and conditions your hair for optimal color absorption. Due to Crystal Gel you won’t find any color differences from earlier treatments. Crystal Gel applies a skin protection to prevent from any color treatment irritations.

Mailbu C Color Pigment Remover (CPR)

As the brand name tells you, the CPR treatment recovers colorisation from earlier treatments up to 3 levels. Very important to mention; your natural hair color will be remain perfectly. It won’t be impacted. On top of this, CPR contains Vitamin C to make your hair stronger!

Mailbu C Direct Dye Lifter (DDL)

This is a special treatment for those who dye hair frequently. A delicate way to remove previous hair colors and a hair lightening treatment up to 7 levels.

Mailbu C Quick Fix

An ideal treatment to remove gray colors from blond hair after frequent use of silver shampoo at home. Or to restore too much dark coloring. The American brand Malibu C originally comes from California. In combination with Olapex, Bobline Hair & Beauty introduced “THE CALIFORNICATION”.

More information about THE CALIFORNICATION

A reset treatment. Damaged hair will be restored to natural colors as if it never has been colored. The  first step with californication treatment uses crystal gel to restore impact of potasium, magnesium and copper in tap water. We apply the following steps with californication;

  • Mixing of crystal gel
  • First hair wash wit hun-do-goo shampoo
  • Hair drying with towels
  • Apply crystal gel covered with a plastic cap
  • 45 minutes hair drying with a wind free hair dryer
  • Rinsing and hair wash with Kerastase shampoo

During step 2 Olaplex will be applied to recover sulfur bridges. Your hair will be permanently recovered!

  • Olaplex recover treatment
  • Hair wash with Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. It is important to use Olaplex step 3 at home once a week due to possible impact on your hair after frequent hair wash, styling and drying.

The CALIFORNICATION treatment takes 2 hours against a cost of € 99,00 including drying but excluding modelling of your hair.