Keratin treatment

Do you have fluffy, curly, afro or hair that is difficult to manage? Then a Keratin treatment is the right solution!

The benefits of a Keratin treatment

  • A Keratin treatment is the most nourishing treatment for your hair. The treatment recovers and nourishes your hair.
  • Through a Keratin treatment fluffy, dry or dull hair will become straight and shiny.
  • After a treatment you have to straighten your hair less often. The additional benefit is that less use of styling tools like a straightener will create less damage to your hair.
  • A Keratin treatment shortens the drying time of wet hair. So shorter blow drying sessions!
  • After a Keratin treatment your hair is tamed. It is noticeably more shiny, soft and smooth.

’My hair is always in knots! After a treatment my hair is soft, smooth and easier to comb. I have finally reached the best version of my hair.’

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A Keratin Treatment

At Bobline Hair & beauty in Eindhoven we work with a new and innovative product line for Keratin treatments. This product is made out of numerous small molecules that penetrate your hair. This allow the ultimate nourishment for your hair.

We offer three types of treatments as part of this product line.

  • A Nanokeratin Mask treatment will nourish your hair intensively. By repeating this treatment or by doing home treatments with the right Nanokeratin products you will enjoy an effect that lasts longer.
  • With the Nanokeratin Soft Smoothing treatment your hair will be nourished, recovered, smoothed and brightened.

Do you have Afro or Moroccan hair?

  • With the Nanokeratin Complete Smoothing treatment your hair can be straightened.

What is Keratin and why do you need it?

Human hair consists out of Keratin for 85% and is also called protein. Keratin is a combination of different amino acids. In hair it can have two forms:

  • External: flat Keratin cells that are arranged as roof tiles, these are the hair scales.
  • Internal: fibers made out of Keratin chains, laid out in a matrix of Keratin cement.

You can compare Keratin chains with the bricks in a wall. Keratin is the cement that holds these bricks in place. This provides the solidity to the wall. When hair is damaged chemically the cement will disappear from the hair. This means that the hair scales sometimes even are broken down. Hair will become flat, weak, dry and vulnerable. It will lose its shine and will be very difficult to shape and model. A Keratin treatment will recover your hair and make it healthy again.

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