Kerathermie treatment

Weak or damaged hair will be recovered through a kerathermie treatment. Our hair contains 85% proteïne and about 10% moisture. Moisture provides supple hair. Proteïne makes your hair stronger and resistant. Damaged hair contains less moisture. Using the wrong color treatment or due to applying heat with a curling iron frequently, the proteïne level will be harmed as well. Or due to sunny holidays and impact of salty water. Your hair may become breakable.

A Kerathermie therapy will recover your hair in 3 steps. To start with a special shampoo hairwash. Followed by a proteïne treatment, softly massaged into your hair. The 3th element is a special liquid added to your hair through a soft massage.

The last part is a dry session of your hair followed by a hairmask. We strongly advise to continue using the special shampoo and hairmask at home in order to fully recover your hair in a short period of time.