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Why is a consultation important?

Why not? It is completely free and without any strings attached!

During the consultation we gladly answer all your questions. Together we look at the condition of your hair and discuss the possibilities. While enjoying a nice beverage we get acquainted and afterwards we will tell you what you can expect. This way there will not be any surprises and u will be able to enjoy the treatment even more.

A natural Balayage, a hip ashgray tint or a nice cool blonde colour in your hair.
Every week we speak to a number of customers showing us a beautiful Pinterest image and saying “this is what I want”.

During the consultation we discuss your preferences and the possibilities.
At Bobline we are honest. Sometimes we are unable to achieve the needed result within one treatment. In this case the make-over needs to happen in steps. Or the hair is severely damaged and an extra treatment is required, for example an Olaplex repair treatment. At the end of the consultation you will know exactly what your options are, what treatment we can use and how much it will cost. This way there are no surprises afterwards, except for a fantastic look of course!

Hair Stylist at Bobline Hair & Beauty

How do we determine the price of a treatment?

Your preferences, the length and condition of your hair will define the price of the treatment.

  • Do you have long hair? We will tell you the additional cost of the treatment for long hair before we start the treatment.
  • What would you like? A Balayage, a new dye, highlights, a lot or just a few? This of course determines the price. Just know that everything is possible.
  • Have you received colour treatments before? Old colour treatments have a negative impact on your hair. The colour residues therefore will also have an impact on each treatment we do. You might for example see differences in colour. For the best result we will first clean your hair. We do this using the unique CPR-treatment. This treatment will bring your hair back to its original colour.
  • Is your hair dry or damaged? With the I-Diagnose we literally look inside your hair. The condition of your hair will determine the possibilities and end-result. With the Olaplex recovery treatment it is possible to restore the condition of your hair. This way we make you and your hair shine when you leave our salon!

Great Salon!

I had not been to a hairdresser in 7 years because I built up a fear for treatments. When I wanted to get rid of my blonde hair I was forced to find a salon. After a suggestion from one of my colleagues I booked a consultation with Geert-Jan. He immediately put me at ease!

Kristy Weber

I have visited Bobline today to have a pastel colour treatment. The result? In one word: beautiful!

What a beautiful luxurious salon with a great team and a lot of quality. The owner himself dyed my hair. What a nice man with a lot of expertise.

Have no doubts. Just do it!

Wendy Gruijters

My hair was dehydrated for a long time. It felt like grass and did not look well. Thanks to the Olaplex treatment my hair is healthy and soft again. I am so happy!
I can really recommend this salon because of its good service and treatments. Thanks to Stefanie for the good advice and great treatment!

Kristel van de Goor

The staff is really nice and helps you with a lot of tips and suggestions. I always come home with nice hair. I also have been a model for pastel shades. Initially I did not know what it would be in the end. It turned out to be pink with darker outgrowth. The finish touch was made with curlers and some make-up. Absolutely fantastic!

Abbeny van Dijk