Balayage treatment

Balayage means – wiping. The wiping technique provides clear  color marks in your hair. The opportunity for as many colors as you wish. Feel free to book your free of charge advisory meeting with us.

The end result of a balayage treatment is easily comparible with an earlier introduced technique called OMBRE. OMBRE in french means; “SHADOW”. The classical ombre technique is recognized through dark colors blended with white hair tips.

Balayage color technique is strongly preferred, since the multi coloring end result is a true success! Dyed hair with a natural coloring pattern.

What else do you need to learn about Balayage?

  • Balayage provides 40 to 50% light colors mixed with a natural basic coloring of your hair
  • The balayage technique provides intuitive colors, meaning that colors will be manually brought on to your hair.
  • Hair will dry at room temperature or under the hair dryer.
  • In order to maintain the color quality in your hair it is Important that you use our products at home
  • The reason why is that color toners will hold for a certain period in case you wash your hair frequently. Applying a silver shampoo or a color conditioner will extend the color quality in your hair.
  • Our very experienced Bobline Hair & Beauty team is more than happy to provide you with the best personal advise.

Appointment for Balayage treatment

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